Building Our Team

CLASI’s work depends at large on the commitment of those entrusted with it. It requires a unique team rooted and committed to social justice, with a deep conceptualization of the vision, mission and aims of the initiative. At a national level, CLASI operates with a small team of highly energetic and diversely skilled people. This team is supported by a broader base of Student Coordinators at our branches in the six Universities. Currently, CLASI is in the process of expanding its reach and programme offerings, thus necessitating for an expansion of our team. CLASI puts much emphasis in the creating of enabling spaces for young people to move into leadership roles as mentors, thus CLASI work relies heavily on the participation of students as key change catalysts in communities.


The Constitutional Literacy and Service Initiative is governed by an independent board of trustees. The role of the board is to provide strategic guidance and to provide governance support. The board includes key thinkers in constitutional law and community activists with whom the organization has had long standing and fruitful encounters.