Here are what some of our learners and teachers have to say about us:

“One of the highlights of interning at CLASI was working with learners during constitutional camp. I loved watching their confidence in their skills grow. Being at constitutional camp and interviewing learners brought to life the mission of CLASI. Another highlight of my internship was working with the social media pages. I felt very comfortable updating pages and posting new information about CLASI. I enjoyed sharing the work CLASI was doing with the general public.

As stated previously, I appreciated the time I spent interning for CLASI. There were moments where I thought that I would not be able to accomplish my task. I constantly expressed anxiety over leading a panel and about writing my own lesson plan. Yet, in the end I successfully completed each task. This internship was challenging but it showed me that I was capable of more than I thought. Along with revealing my capabilities this internship also taught me how constitutional literacy can promote community building. In every workshop participants formed bonds with one another while working through moot problems. It was wonderful to see participants of all ages enthusiastically engage with the South African Constitution.”

– Ashleandra Opoku, CLASI Intern from Colgate University, June/July 2016

“For me the ImagiNATION Camp was just one of my favourite experiences. I enjoyed being part of the camp and I’m grateful that CLASI gave me a platform to express my ideas and interact with different people. The facilitators made it easy for us for the duration of the camp and that alone sets the record straight-you’re the best! Unfortunately I didn’t attend Concamp due to school but I heard that it was phenomenal. Thanks to everyone who participated. It was such an honour to have interacted with law students. You guys are brilliant! Thank you! Cheers to you guys and me for being there!”

– Sihle Gule, Minerva Secondary School

“CLASI taught me the law and how to apply it in cases brought in front of me. I even got exposed to the Constitution of South Africa, 1996. If I get the opportunity to participate in CLASI again next year, I would actually consider it!”

– Nkupula Quinton Ralematha, Realogile High School

“CLASI has changed my life in a good way, since I joined CLASI I have taught myself to persist and work hard. CLASI has made me understand the law, more importantly Constitutional Law.  I know and understand law.  I now have a direction of my life. I want to be a lawyer and represent clients in a good way. All thanks to the CLASI Concamp.”

– Mokgethi Makhura, East Bank High School

“I was introduced to CLASI programs early this year.  In this program I have learnt a lot, in that process I learnt about the Constitution and the law. It then came to my attention how people’s rights are being infringed upon and it goes on unnoticed. I’ve learnt and improved my public speaking skills and vocabulary. My love for debate has grown stronger. Attending these classes also brings me closer to my dream of one day becoming an Advocate. Such a pleasant opportunity, I am very grateful to the CLASI team.”

– Sthembile Vilakazi, East Bank High School

“I had an amazing time, it was very educational and the experience was one in  a lifetime. I would like to come again. Thank you for everything”

– Zenande, Minerva Secondary School

“The Life Orientation educator at my school had formally informed us about the commencement of a Law Society hosted by an organisation called CLASI. 

This was in 2014 when I was only in grade 10 and from there, my relationship with the organisation has evolved. The Law Society was hosted by 3rd year law students and the experience was so enlightening. We were taught about the history of the constitution and the way in which this country works. This brought things into a broader perspective and we learnt about why certain systems work the way they do.

The CLASI Law Society opened up opportunities for me, such as participation in ImagiNation Camp which taught me a great deal about active citizenship and viewing the constitution in a creative view point. 

After this great experience,  I was invited to participate in another CLASI heritage program, where we curated an exhibition. This exhibition focused on celebrating the unsung hereos of the struggle against apartheid. The program taught me how to conduct interviews and how to cooperate smoothly with people. 

In May 2015, CLASI yet again invited a fellow CLASI learner and I to demonstrate how mooting works to the people of South Africa. This demonstration was on the show, “Hectic Nine-9”. 

CLASI has shown tremendous passion in educating young people who don’t have much access to wider media. They have taught me to value all the privileges I have been granted by the constitution.” 

– Dineo Mosia, Immaculata High School, Cape Town

“I’m writing this testimonial based on my experiences with CLASI. Amongst the initiatives or activities I have taken part in, CLASI is the outstanding one.  I had always been a little activist in my mind but never went about showing it off to the people because of the low self-esteem I had.  Taking part in CLASI just for three days changed my character dramatically.  Before I took part in CLASI I couldn’t stand firm infront of people and share my thoughts and views because I had a voice that always told me at the back of my mind that I can’t do it.

Though I was less confident and feeling small, I had a dream to be a lawyer which was very challenging for someone who had a low self-esteem like I did. I then took part in CLASI.  I remember telling my mates that I’m shy I can’t stand infront of people, but CLASI tutors motivated me and changed my thinking.  The first day was normal but on the third day I felt like I was on the mountain top and could stand infront of even a million people and present.  I gained so much confidence and self-esteem during that programme.

Now I’m a second year student at the university of Johannesburg.  I’m progressing in my studies and I can stand infront of a lecture room with 400 students and present a speech fearlessly.  I’m so confident and motivated. The high self-esteem I have today is the result of CLASI.  I am forever thankful and glad that I joined that programme.”

– Peliwe Nombolo, Johannesburg